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Standard License
  • It is for non-profitable and rural schools & colleges
  • It is for maximum 15 teachers and 500 students
  • You should eligible to get free educational software license from Google and Microsoft
  • You should show a true passion and commitment to take it and make it successful. 
  • You should have Minimum IT Infra and Staff
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Starting Package 
  • It is basic and starting package for one school, collage or university.
  • It is for maximum 45 teachers, 5 staff and 1500 students
  • You will get all features, functions, emails and a website
  • You will get five days training for your staff, teachers and students
  • You should eligible to get free educational software license from Google and Microsoft
  • You will get one months free technical support
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Key Services and Features 
We are delivering our key features and services with a passion, ethics and commitment. We are doing implementation, integration, new feature development and delivering managed services to fulfill your all educational technology needs at a single place.
.EDU.IN Domain Booking 

We will receive certain required documents from you and book domain. It's first and compulsory step to get a  very cost effective education solution from us. So Let us start, Contact us today.

Essential Setup for an Official Email and Website    

We will provide DNS, Official email ID, SSL and website hosting with domain

Requisite Website Development and Deployment 

We will provide you working essential dynamic website which will have three to five necessary pages, administrative control panel and all necessary features.

Advance Educational Website Design or Portal Development

Based on your need, We would like to design and development of a big and advanced website or portal for your educational institution. 

Website Migration, Relocation or Modifications 

We will transform your old website content, design or location into new website.It is a cost effective way forward.

Coordination Services to get Free Educational Software License 

We will fulfill all formalities to get free educational software from Google and Microsoft 

Digital Transformation Blueprint Design and  Implementation  Services     

We will prepare a complete digital transformation blueprint and it's phase wise implementation plan. Based on your need, expected timeline and budget, we will deliver it. 

Users Data Transfer & Access Rights allotment Services

We will create, import, normalize existing details of the teachers, staff, student and parents and define multiples roles as required and provide necessary  information to them.

Internal Portal Design, Content Collection, Creation & Publishing Services

We will design digital notice board, digital library, cultural section and many other dedicated, isolated or collaborative section as required. We will also implement content publishing approval system.   

Training & Workshop, to the Teachers, Staff, Students and Parents   

It is our most important service to achieve a successful digital transformation. We will trained your each staff, teachers, students and parents so they can use new online education system in a best way. 

Managed Services     

Our managed services will always ready whenever you will face any problem, challenges in future. We will take all your operational pain and technical complexity so you can provide a great education to your students. Our motto is to provide highest customer satisfaction with a great experience. 

Knowledge Transfer and Contract Closure Services 

In any point of time, if you need to close our contract, we will do it too in a very professional way. We will provide you a great exit experience in a very ethical, professional and transparent manner so we can forever retain our great relationship and respect with each other. 

 Are you ready to grow your teaching career faster as a certified online educator?

Get trained with us, get certify from Microsoft and Google and GET PLACED IN TOP EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES

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Personalized Training Plan for Certified Online Teacher - Consulting services

As each teacher have their own personalized learning, earning and growth path. We understand and respect it. We will provide you best personalized learning and growth path which will suit with your time, budget, passion and ambitions. So, do not wait, send your latest resume today. 

Essential Training and Workshop on Online Educational Software    

It's common minimum training required for all teachers, staff and students. It has all basic training modules including hands-on experience workshop focused on Google and Microsoft Education software. This is an instructor led live, creative and very effective online training. You can enroll it today.

Special Training Session On the Online Education Certifications

We will enable you to be an online education expert and indispensable teacher. Here, We will provide you all required training and support so you can get certified from Google and Microsoft. You will really enjoy your career growth, passion and ambitions once you will complete this training and certification. So start it today for your bright future!  

Training for Certified Trainer

If you want to grow your career as Certified Trainer then we will provide you in-depth training and guidance. You can be a Google Certified Trainer and you can provide your training to the educators. You will get higher salary increases in your trainer career. It is a golden opportunity. Enroll today for a bright tomorrow.

Quarterly Training and Workshop on Continual Skill Upgrade 

We strongly believe in that change is only universal truth. We should welcome and adopt the changes. We should upgrade our skills with the time. By keeping this in mind, we designed a special training program for you. It will happen in each quarter where we will provide you latest skills so you will always be updated.      

Training on English Speaking  and Personality Development 

Training on Fluent english speaking and personality development is always good to have. We are providing it with the help of our partners so you can have a very personalize, well aligned and the whole career development at a single place. So join us today, We will create a great future together for our learning, earning and growth.

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