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Extending blended online education solution is a necessity for education continuty planning (ECP).

Extending blended online education solution is a necessity for education continuty planning (ECP).

A Flexible Online Education Solution

that flex earning’s imaginations

Get a flexible and personalized Digital Learning, Virtual Classroom solution. Extending blended online education, hybrid, flipped and virtual classroom solution in your school, college or university. To Grab your expanded learning and earnings, Contact us today.

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Get the best Digital Learning & Virtual Classroom for your school, college and university.

From Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Apple and Adobe

  • Google Classrooms, G-Suit for Education
  • Microsoft 365 for Education
  • Zoom Online Education Solution
  • Apple for Education
  • Adobe Online Education Solution
  • Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud Services for Education
  • Community Provided e-Learining Platform Integration
  • Government Provided e-learning policy implementation support content integration
  • Dynamic Social Distancing, step by step process, tools, technology implementation and support

Providing end-to-end consulting, implementation, transition, transformation and managed services.

Virtual classroom from From Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Apple and Adobe

AI Enabled Virtual Classroom

Digital Learning, Virtual Classroom, NEP 2020, Free COVID 19 Support Best Edtech Company

Top and personalizeuse case implementation by experts

You will get top use case implementation for your AI enabled virtual classroom.  AI/ML, and BI/Big Data are the backbone technologies for education reform. But having the technology enabled solution is not enough. Persollized use case implementation is the key success factor. No worry, you will get expert team to get it done.

Maximize your return of investment

Digital Learning, Virtual Classroom, NEP 2020, Free COVID 19 Support Best Edtech Company

with our smart integration and automation

Most of the school’s investments are at risk but you can reduce it. Even you you can increase your ROI. Your ROI will significantly improve with online education effectiveness. Your students will deeply engage with with your virtual classroom. You will get fee from  students/parents with full satisfection.

Future ready staff, teachers and students

Digital Learning, Virtual Classroom, NEP 2020, Free COVID 19 Support Best Edtech Company

Improve creativity and collaboration

Education continuty with improved creativity and collabaration.  Access to free Microsoft Office 365, Google Classroom and Zoom Integration. Educators can support the learning styles of every student. They can help them collaborate and engage in and out of the classroom.

You will certainly achive the best with your staff, teachers, vendors, students and parents.

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Consulting, Implementation, Integration and support by Microsoft, Google Certified Educators, Trainers and Technology Experts

Microsoft, Google Certified Educators, Trainers and Technology Experts

Automate, Educate & Self-Resilient in Covid-19 or any other crisis ever

On-board New Students, Staff and Vendors: Automated on-boarding processes with Microsoft Power Automate approvals and Azure Active Directory account provisioning

Monitor Educational Institute’s Brand Reputation

Safeguard your brand – Auto monitor your Institute, Students, Staff, Vendors & Competitor’s social media, Get timely insights and updates

Stay on The Top of your Teaching, Training and All Educational Activities

Keep your team on the same page and ready to respond to schedule changes with the information they need and then celebrate their success by sharing, hosting virtual events and much more…

Online education dark side

Online education dark side: If parents can’t get the money, let them borrow it! Online education seems to have reached a turning point in life and death: One hand is frantically “saving”, the other hand is doing whatever it takes to “open source” – even taking a sword on the source of the birth, selling […]

Online school, college and university reopen registration 2021 in Context of NEP and COVID-19

In the context of COVID-19 and NEP 2020, Reopen the school, collage and university become most challenging task for government and education institution’s owner too. Challanges In the first wave, we saw every educational institution was providing online classes by using WhatsApp, YouTube and zoom. As a result, they were able to provide educational continuity […]

Virtual Online School Education in India

Virtual Classroom, Real Credits See how SWAM is pushing education in India SWAYAM was first announced by the Government of India in August 2014, the beta was launched in August 2016 and was fully launched in July 2017. SWAYAM means “Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Young Aspiring Minds”, in Hindi, SWAYAM means SELF, self. […]

online education Virtual teaching

There is a huge space for the development of online education Virtual teaching will become a new trend Because of the outbreak, schools around the world have been closed to the use of telematics programs for online education, to achieve “stop-and-about learning.” The scale of online education is “unprecedented”. In fact, prior to the outbreak, […]

NEP is also extending equitable use of education technology, digital Learning and virtual classroom solutions

Are you ready to take this opprtunity?

Whether you’re owner of an elementary/primary, junior high school, intermediate college, higher education institutions and universities or private training institutions, or inspired entrepreneur. You can be sure you’ll find truly Blended Online Education Solution. Absolutely everything you need for your education. So why wait? Get it today and make your education grow than ever before.

100% Free Digital Learning Virtual Classroom to the Underprivileged Schools

We are enabling Underprivileged Schools and Colleges with our 100% free solution implementation and support services. Providing all possible support to stop the damage and then build back better.

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