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Edtech attracted dollars & controversy in 2020

None of those was making information when 2020 dawned good and vivid, albeit with a shadow of a brand new virus lurking in distant Wuhan. Nonetheless, barely 12 weeks later, the nation was shut down and training confronted its greatest crisis of continuity. Which is the place the knights in shining armour from the world [...]
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Amazon may launch its computer science education in India

The initial research for computer science education in India is currently underway and Amazon is looking to the chosen candidate to dive deep into operationalizing the program to what is relevant for India and the student needs. Amazon Future Engineer https://amazonfutureengineer.com is a childhood to career program aimed at enabling underserved and under privileged communities [...]
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How to get best and free virtual classroom solution?

Million-dollar question on virtual classroom solution Still, million-dollar question is that how to get free virtual classroom solution which best suits with my education institution’s requirements. First, let us agree on the fundamentals answer is that it’s not only a software. Software, tools, technologies are easy to get, and fact is that most of the [...]
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