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Not enough Covid 19 vaccines till 2024. What is next for the educators, students and parents?

Latest update on covid 19 vaccine, as on 26-Sep-2019 From Adar Poonawalla, @adarpoonawalla Quick question; will the government of India have 80,000 crores available, over the next one year? Because that’s what @MoHFW_INDIA needs, to buy and distribute the vaccine to everyone in India. This is the next concerning challenge we need to tackle. @PMOIndia […]

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NEP 2020 and Education reforms: Virtual Classroom Software Solution is the best way forward

It’s Great that most of the government around the world is also encouraging AI and virtual classrooms education technologies. Today you are going to deep dive and  to know more about best virtual classroom software solution and services in India and around the world. Question no 1: What is virtual classroom? Answer: As per techopedia, […]

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