FAQs – National (India) education policy – NEP 2020

What is National Educational Technology Forum (NETF)?

When it will be implemented?

An autonomous body, the National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) will be created to provide a platform for the free exchange of ideas on the use of technology to enhance learning, assessment, planning, administration, and so on, both for school and higher education.

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NEP 2020’s vision and commitment towards research and development of science and technology is reflected in terms of the provisions of the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the National Educational Technology Forum (NETF).

The NRF and NETF will not only play important role in facilitating to carry out problem-solving research and developing digital resources of study materials but also look into innovative ways in which technology can be leveraged for the benefit of students and researchers. E-courses will be developed in regional languages and virtual labs will be developed.

NEP, NRF and NETF all will focus on cutting edge technology enablement in the Indian education system like Flexible Online Education Solution. NETF may focus on AI Enabled Virtual Classroom. In a nutshell, Government of India wants Future ready staff, teachers and students. Overall, It will be true educational reform.

The National Education Technology Forum (NETF) should be set up by December, the Higher Education Commission Bill will be placed in public domain by September end, so that vice-chancellors and academicians can share their comments. The National Research Foundation (NRF) should be ready by December.