Online education dark side

Online education dark side: If parents can’t get the money, let them borrow it!

Online education seems to have reached a turning point in life and death: One hand is frantically “saving”, the other hand is doing whatever it takes to “open source” – even taking a sword on the source of the birth, selling educational anxiety to parents, encouraging money bags not loose family loans to make up lessons, inducing parents to renew …

Parents are tools for KPIs – Online education dark side

A person who has worked in telemarketing on two online education platforms told that online education is caught in a vicious circle, the more money you put into marketing advertising, the more you need to convert, the higher the KPI of natural telemarketing, “if you don’t sell anxiety, then anxiety is myself.” She said.

She’s just a microcosm of the online education industry’s battle for a source of life. On the social networking platform in the workplace, a recent post about online education has sparked heated discussion.

A platform for online pre-school education costs less than 8,600 INR a year. A parent received a call from the sales of the course after the experience class, to which the latter was selling the course. But the parent suffers from a single family income and has no extra money to buy classes for her children. After hearing this, the course sales did not continue to sell.

But the matter was known to the course’s sales executive, who personally called the parent in the office, walked her through Alipay’s flowers and loans from other platforms, and finally made a purchase. The supervisor told his members, “It’s impossible for anyone to get the money, not to borrow it.”

One of the course telemarketing said that inducing parents to borrow to buy courses is only one of the chaos of online education, the industry is too much chaos, rhetorical anxiety, teacher qualification fraud, exaggerated teaching effects, induced renewal … A lot of people (telemarketing) have to choose to leave if they can’t accept doing these things.

Another phone salesman who has been on an online education platform for half a year says that online education now does everything it can to sell classes, helping them get their money out of their pockets and having money to sign up for classes.

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An online education industry veteran told that, in the industry these are common phenomena, almost every platform is required to sell by phone to do so, trafficking “educational anxiety” also basically covered K12, high school remedial and other stages, in the past two years with the increase of investment in marketing, this phenomenon is particularly.

“In fact, this phenomenon is not only in online education, other industries will have, as long as it involves top-up, more or less will have sales pressure.” However, these two years online education has received more attention, and the growth of young people is more closely related. He said.

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