Online school, college and university reopen registration 2021 in Context of NEP and COVID-19

In the context of COVID-19 and NEP 2020, Reopen the school, collage and university become most challenging task for government and education institution’s owner too.


In the first wave, we saw every educational institution was providing online classes by using WhatsApp, YouTube and zoom.

As a result, they were able to provide educational continuity for a few months only. We understand that it was prepared like first aid. We should also understand that first aid kind of solution can’t continue for a longer term.

As we are seeing COVID-19 is disturbing the conventional education from more than a year. There is strong possibility that It will continue in coming months and year.

It’s well known that entire education industry is under stress. Students are not able to submit their fee due to parent’s job loss or business down. Educational institutions are not able to pay teacher’s salary as they are not getting fee from students.

Wayforward Solutions

So, what is the way forward? How to get cheap and best education technology solution to cope-up with this situation.

Thankfully, cheap, and best education technology ON-DEMAND IT SOLUTION FOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING INSTITUTIONS are available. It’s a Complete Education CRM, Enrollment Booster, Online Education & Exam Solutions.

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It’s a very flexible education technology solution. With it, you can extend blended online education, hybrid, flipped and virtual classroom solution in your school, college or university.

With this solution, you will have your education continuity with improved creativity and collaboration.  You will get access to free Microsoft Office 365, Google Classroom and Zoom Integration. Where, educators can support the learning styles of every student. They can help them collaborate and engage in and out of the classroom.

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Online Exam System Key Features:

Online Exam Planning and scheduling, Assessment Pattern creation, question bank, Configuration of question types with different levels, Easy approval process, Customization of test-taking options, Integration with LMS, Configurable roles and permissions, High-level proctoring, Multi-language support, Exhaustive reports and dashboard


Better turnaround time, a hassle-free process, automation of manual processes, economical for institutions, highly secure and scalable

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