Virtual Online School Education in India

Virtual Classroom, Real Credits See how SWAM is pushing education in India

SWAYAM was first announced by the Government of India in August 2014, the beta was launched in August 2016 and was fully launched in July 2017.

SWAYAM means “Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Young Aspiring Minds”, in Hindi, SWAYAM means SELF, self.

The platform is part of the Digital India initiative, which aims to empower the state and its citizens through technology. Specifically, the SWAYAM platform aims to promote access to quality education, support lifelong learning and increase enrolment in higher education in India.

To date, SWAYAM, one of the world’s largest MOOC providers, has 2,000 courses taught by 1,250 teachers from 130 institutions.

To date, India has invested more than $33 million in SWAM. However, despite this cost, the platform is open – SWAYAM courses are free.


In fact, India’s public higher education institutions can allow students to complete up to 20% of their degrees online by taking SWAM courses.

In December 2018, 3,800 students flocked to test centres across India to take the test on SWAYAM, India’s national MOOC platform. This is the first time you’ve organized a SWAM exam. What’s special about these is that although SWAYAM courses are available online, they can bring actual credit.

According to the regulations, it may cost $15 for learners to register for the exam. However, if a student passes the exam, the fee is usually refunded.

In November 2017, the Ministry of Human Resources Development of India, at the National Conference on Digital Programs in Higher Education, recommended that universities follow the world trend and make full use of information technology and the existing SWAM platform to accelerate knowledge dissemination. After the meeting, the Ministry of Education of India asked universities to coordinate academic decision-making bodies within the school, to recognize courses on the SWAYAM platform so that students can take and receive corresponding credits, to inform students of the courses on the SWAYAM platform through various media, to develop new courses for the SWAYAM platform, to actively support teachers to place their own courses on the SWAYAM platform, and to assist in applying for relevant fund support; Improve the quality of teaching by flipping the classroom and other methods of mixed teaching.

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