Anirveda education CRM drives digital transformation

At present, the potential market for education and training is huge and has maintained a rapid development trend. At the same time, with many foreign-funded enterprises continue to enter the Chinese market, and domestic training institutions large and small to compete, so the competition in the education industry is also very fierce. The traditional education industry needs digital transformation in order to survive and develop in the fierce competition.


And see how Anirveda CRM can help educational organizations and institutions on the road to digital transformation, improve information management, standardize workflows, and retain more students.

Personalize the system

The CRM system required is different for different industries. Anirveda CRM’s system is highly customizable and makes it easier for users to use based on their industry characteristics. For example, for the education industry, users can set the field of the customer information module to ‘students, teachers, course information, etc.’, which is more appropriate to the needs of the industry.

Automatic entry of customer information

In the face of a large number of daily student and parent consultations, sales staff need to constantly manually enter student information, very inefficient. With the Anirveda CRM system, form codes are embedded on the site, and when potential learners fill out the form and submit it, customer information is automatically synchronized into the CRM system, effectively increasing sales productivity.

Unified management of information to improve the efficiency of student management

Student information is fragmented and cannot be better managed. Anirveda CRM makes it easy to tap and follow up potential learners, grasp the status of students in real time, teach according to their talents, and assign suitable trainers. According to the student’s learning process, arrange the course reasonably to improve the student’s satisfaction.

Standardize the process

In the education industry there are some bad phenomena, sales workflow is not standardized, teacher management is not in place, resulting in the loss of students, seriously affecting the efficiency and development of enterprises. Anirveda CRM can comb through more rational and efficient workflows and management standards for the education industry, from enrollment to student service support, resulting in a unified management system and teaching quality control system to better serve and retain students.

Visual data analysis

The curriculum type of educational enterprises and institutions is more complex, the branches are more, and the data collation and analysis is difficult. Anirveda CRM enables users to present visual data reports with a clear view of all data, establish strict data sharing rules, and make data communication between teams, headquarters and divisions accessible.

An efficient functional platform

Whether in other industries or in education, a lot of software needs to work together to integrate some other systems. Anirveda CRM is highly customizable and flexible, helping educational companies easily build CRM systems that meet the specific needs of their organizations. Anirveda CRM provides a rich API interface to dock other systems, significantly reducing costs for educational enterprises and institutions.

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