How is Education CRM software used?

In recent years, CRM software has been widely used in many industries, and proved the great role of CRM software. CRM software is used in both the medical device industry and the catering industry, and the education industry is no exception. Many other schools or educational institutions have already put CRM software online to enable schools to better manage students and enroll more efficiently. So how does CRM software be used in the education industry? Below is the Anirveda CRM software application solution being adopted by the education industry.

First, admissions management


Anirveda CRM software imports potential student information obtained by educational institutions into the system, and integrates acquisition time, lead source and chat history to achieve efficient unified distribution and management of student leads. The CRM system supports manual lead assignment and automatic lead assignment, as well as approval flow and automatic numbering. Anirveda CRM software can use leads for the management of opportunity projects, review filtered out invalid leads, and finally convert potential learner leads to accounts, opportunities and contacts for sales staff to follow up.


Second, improve the efficiency of student management


The establishment of a standardized and complete student archive is another important function of Anirveda CRM, Anirveda CRM software to implement classification customization services, easy to dig and follow up potential students, intelligent settings, automatic reminders, timely understanding of the learning status of students.


Third, curriculum management


Education and training schools/institutions can realize the opening of classes, course teachers, hours, course prices, course information, curriculum information record class time and other related content to add, delete, modify and other operations, and combined with the scheduling function, can flexibly develop a variety of combination forms.

Fourth, data analysis

By establishing strict data sharing rules for reporting and statistical reporting functions, data analysis can be carried out at any time, and data between headquarters and divisions can be shared smoothly.

The above is the education industry CRM software application and solutions, education industry CRM software use success stories have many, about Anirveda CRM software related information please consult the customer service.