Education CRM software features explain in detail How these features are very useful

In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the education market, management has become the biggest obstacle to the development of schools and training institutions, and the demands of all sectors of society on the education industry are getting higher and higher. Standardized management is the breakthrough for the education industry to address this demand, the education industry crm software is to adapt to this demand. Below is a detailed explanation of the CRM software features in the education industry, which are very useful.


The functions of THE CRM software in the education industry include enrollment management, student management, curriculum management and data analysis.


1, admissions management
through the acquisition of potential student information bulk imported into the Wukong CRM software, through the source of clues, acquisition time, chat records for integration, so as to achieve unified management and distribution of students clues. Admissions staff review filter out invalid clues, use clues for business opportunity project management, and finally the potential student clues into customers, the implementation of the admissions management module can effectively improve the progress of educational institutions and schools. CRM Solutions for the Education Industry


2, improve the efficiency of student management
Anirveda Education CRM customer relationship management software can establish a complete standardized student archives, classification and customization services, easy to dig and follow up potential students, intelligent settings, automatic reminders, timely understanding of learning status.


3, curriculum management course information,
curriculum information record class time, classes, course teachers, hours, course prices and other content, institutions can achieve the relevant modifications, additions, deletions and other operations, and combined with the scheduling function, can flexibly develop a variety of combination forms.


4, data analysis
Anirveda Education CRM customer management software through the report and statistical report function to develop strict data sharing rules, to achieve data communication between headquarters and divisions barrier-free.


Anirveda Education CRM software provides customized development services for educational institutions and schools, enabling schools to store software data on school servers.

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