What are the advantages of education CRM software applications?

Education has always been a national event, with the continuous development of the economy, India’s education industry is also developing rapidly, the needs of the education industry is also changing, so the education CRM software appeared. Education CRM software can help the education industry to achieve modern management, reduce the cost of education, to solve some of the current practical problems that can not be solved. Therefore, the emergence of educational CRM software is still very necessary. So what are the advantages of educating CRM software? Let’s take a look.

The design goal of education CRM software is to help educational and training institutions improve their work efficiency and improve the level of standardized management. Through the implementation of the system, employees can be standardized way to easily record all kinds of data and processes, get rid of tedious manual work, improve work efficiency. The system can help employees achieve better collaboration, facilitate superiors to check the work of the lower levels, and facilitate leaders to view all kinds of statistics to achieve scientific decision-making.

Education CRM software appeared to help the education industry to solve the problem, so what are the problems in the education industry at this stage? The summary is as follows:

1, the traditional way to obtain raw source cost high conversion rate is low

The Red Sea fight for Internet plus education has resulted in an unsuitable path for expanding enrollment. The conversion rate of traditional ways of getting customers, such as flyers, ground roadshows, social marketing, dual micro-operation, electric sales, word-of-mouth communication, etc., is gradually decreasing, the overall cost of getting customers (CAC) in the education and training industry is becoming increasingly high, and effective traffic has become an insurmountable wall for training institutions.

2, personnel management difficult student turnover rate is high

Education and training institutions more students, more courses, more classes, teachers and managers have limited energy, it is difficult to maintain in place, high student turnover rate. For a long time, students do not get attention and their grades decline, resulting in the loss of students is inevitable. And the agency has no way to invest more human and financial resources, it is difficult to effectively maintain every student seems to have become a very “normal” thing.

3, data data system is difficult to manage and precipitate

Educational institutions have long lacked systematic tools to keep teaching data such as teaching materials, teaching materials and teaching records. Without self-built database, high-quality teaching content can not be precipitated, shared and continued, it is very inconvenient to train new teachers. But by saving data to the cloud disk, through community file sharing within the organization, personal management of personal data, but the lack of a third-party platform can better manage and store, it is difficult to achieve better content precipitation, data storage and resource sharing purposes.

After understanding these issues, educate CRM software on how to help solve them. The education CRM solution is specific to the education industry solutions, so for the above issues how to solve these problems, let’s look at it together.

1, lead pool management

The education and training industry’s offline marketing activities, online consulting registration, building advertising promotion, word-of-mouth transfer and other ways to obtain the source of clues through the powerful and complete clue pool function of the sales, intelligently help the education and training industry’s marketing and sales team to achieve lead re-examination, follow-up information retention, and then let effective clues automatically generate – distribution – follow-up – transformation, so that the sales team to achieve the scientific evolution of lead management automation.

2, PaaS platform development and packaging customer industry needs

Through the efficient correlation management of both ends of the supply and demand of the core curriculum under the unified module, the field configuration of both teachers and students in the custom time, project, region and customer is reasonably matched. In order to achieve the precise targeting of parents and teachers, effectively alleviate the shortage of teachers and inefficient phenomenon, improve interaction and communication with matching students, and rapidly improve the quality of service satisfaction of students.

3, business process management, co-working

Configure differentiated business processes and work content according to the content, categories, time periods, number of people, etc. taught in different subjects. Set up a dedicated database for the organization, store a large amount of courseware data in real time to the cloud, through the operation of interaction in the same management system, to achieve flexible upload between the same subject data. Automate the sharing of all the questions, handouts, and videos of the organization, systematically helping to collaborate effectively among the organization’s teacher community. At the same time, cultivate a sense of synergy, and truly achieve the accumulation of high-quality content.

Through the above methods of solution, can effectively solve the education industry’s problems at the time. And that’s what educational CRM software is all about. A good education CRM software can not only solve the problems of the education industry, but also help the education industry to achieve more effective management.

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