Hybrid Education 2021, Let Us Forward Together

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As we look ahead for education, it’s clear that digital learning is here to stay, and most educational institutions will take a hybrid approach heading into 2021 and beyond. Where do we go from here? We have a significant opportunity before us to capitalize on this momentum and drive profound, swift change that will impact the lives of millions of students across the world.

Building the next hybrid education system

The education system is on the cusp of significant and profound change. While 2020 presented its share of challenges, innovation often rises from adversity. As we move forward, leaning further into technology to create a hybrid learning system will benefit students, parents and our broader communities around the world.

Parents, staff, and students have endured many challenges with the materialization of COVID-19. From online schooling to safely shopping, the world has evolved around this virus. But as new session begins, we must discover how the 2020-2021 school year will function. In May a reopening task force was established to continue looking at the facts to determine the safest way for students and staff to return to the school. Consisting of parents, school board members, supervisors, students, and staff, the task force looks at six key elements.

These elements include creating safe learning environments, transporting students safely, flexible instructional delivery models (hybrid classes which can be done in person and at home), mitigating risk during extracurriculars, adjusting leave policies, and accommodating at-risk students and staff.

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