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National Education Day Offer: Get *100% Free Digital Learning, Virtual Classroom, Online Education Solution: It’s time to give a new direction to your School, College & University. Get a Perfect Online Education Platform Now. Register today to get a Free Trial.   It’s a great offer for you. You will get a true value of every rupee spend. *It’s a limited offer, so select your package and register today!

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Last Date 15-November-2020

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₹ 00 (Free)

Standard License

  • It is for non-profitable and rural schools & colleges
  • It is for maximum 15 teachers and 500 students
  • You should eligible to get free educational software license from Google and Microsoft
  • You should show a true passion and commitment to take it and make it successful.
  • You should have Minimum IT Infra and Staff

₹ 50,000

Starting Package

  • It is basic and starting package for one school, collage or university.
  • It is for maximum 45 teachers, 5 staff and 1500 students
  • You will get all features, functions, emails and a website
  • You will get five days training for your staff, teachers and students
  • You should eligible to get free educational software license from Google and Microsoft
  • You will get one months free technical support

National Education Policy NEP 2020 aligned National Education Day Offer

According to National Education Policy NEP 2020, learning should be Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable, and Engaging. All our use case and solution all fully aligned with these core principals of NEP 2020.

Integrated Digital Learning Platform with National Education Day Offer

You will get integrated solution where you can use multiple learning platform. You will have freedom to pick and choose best learning content for your students.

* Enabling Underprivileged Schools and Colleges with our 100% free solution implementation and support services. Providing all possible support to stop the damage and then build back better.

Question: NHERC full form, nherc stand for, HECI full form?

NHERC full form is National Higher Education Regulatory Council (NHERC). It’s a common, single point regulator for the higher education sector including teacher education but excluding medical and legal education. NHERC will synerzize UGC and AICTE. Higher Education Commission of India (HECI), which is set to replace the UGC, will also take over the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).

Question: ECCE full form?

ECCE full form is Early Childhood Children Education (ECCE).

Diksha FAQs, Questions: What is diksha platform for school education? Where is diksha app login? How I can access diksha app for laptop? Can I download diksha app on jio phone? How I can do diksha app login online? Where I can do diksha app registration? How I can download diksha app for ios? diksha full form, diksha app, full form of diksha digital learning platform, diksha portal registration?

Diksha is a National Digital Infrastructure of India. It’s an eLearning or digital learning platform. You will get many educational content on Diksha platform. Diksha means “initiation.” It can be used to refer to a ceremony in which a guru initiates a student into their teaching.

Please register today to know more about Diksha and DDSE Online education solutions.

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