Higher Education Transformation Framework

The Higher Education Transformation Framework provides practical advice to help you develop a strategy for digital transformation with a holistic, long term view implemented in discrete phases that you can begin today.

Establishing the Vision

We find ourselves amid major change. Digital technology is an indisputable force revolutionizing our Higher Education Transformation Framework Registration New Education Policy NEP 2020industries, reinventing our products, refining our services, and reshaping the way we live and work. This digital transformation is expected to continue to push new demands on our students and, therefore, on higher education systems everywhere. To respond, higher education institutions will need to offer increasingly more relevant, affordable, and flexible education, engage new populations of students, and ensure that learning is a lifetime activity that can be accessed regardless of the learners’ location or learning style.

For digital transformation to be effective, an institution must carefully analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate their vision for change. Thoughtfully crafting a people centric vision is the first step toward a successful, holistic digital transformation. However, creating a shared vision can be complex because it touches on the perceptions, attitudes, and everyday work of many stakeholders, involves the reallocation of fiscal and cultural resources, and disturbs the status quo.

Enabling Higher Education Transformation Outcomes

Each college or university operates differently, with variations in how it uses its applications and systems. Analyzing your unique situation and deciding what you’d like to see in your transformed technology environment will help you develop a roadmap for getting there, regardless of whether the changes you aim to make are widespread and extensive or departmental and localized. Establishing a holistic vision and integrating multiple systems and data into a single, intelligent platform paves the way to streamlined processes and transformative outcomes.

Student Success from Higher Education Transformation Framework 

Higher Education Transformation Framework Registration New Education Policy NEP 2020From recruitment and enrollment, on through the academic years and into alumni relationships, Student Success goes to the heart of what it means to offer an optimal educational experience for the long term, underscored by an honest and thorough assessment of institutional performance and student outcomes.

Academic Research

Academic Research is at the core of every leading higher education institution. New research paradigms which embrace cloud computing empower the research community to accelerate breakthroughs, letting ‘researchers be researchers’.

Secure and Connected Campus

College and university campuses must continually evolve to meet the growing and changing needs of students globally. Campuses everywhere must support fluid, collaborative, and personalized Higher Education Transformation Framework Registration New Education Policy NEP 2020environments, while becoming more sustainable, efficient, and secure.

Expanding The Teaching, Learning and Earning 

Teaching & Learning leverages new technologies while enabling new processes that accelerate curriculum exploration and better meet the needs and expectations of all learners. It enables institutions to nurture a growth mindset in students, emphasizing future ready skills to help them thrive in jobs not yet invented.

In conclusion, Education is increasing in importance in society due to technology supported globalization and the anticipated impact of new technologies such as artificial intelligence on many professions. Therefore, academic leaders are under pressure to deliver scalable and affordable quality education… we see an increasing need for academic leadership to look at the big picture to address the institutions’ wider ecosystem impact and build a competitive strategy.

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