School, College Reopen National Support Event 2020

At DDSE.ORG, we believe that every educators and students deserve to have best-fit technology solution. To achieve this goal, we are organizing school, college reopen support event.

Every educator, principal, head master, teachers, lecturer, staff, students and parents are invited from round the globe’s scool, college, universities.

Participants have a chance to win multiple educational, learning and earning opprtunities as following.

  • Your educational institutions may get 100% free education technology solution implmentation and support.
  • You will get free training and workshop coupon code, After our training and workshop, You may get certify from Microsoft and Google
  • You can be our next Guest Blogger, Associates and Business Partners.

Important Dates

Start Date: 23th September 2020, End Date: 30 November 2020 (11.59 PM)

Registration Form

To expand your learning and earning

These are the mandatory documents required to get out free solutions, services and support.

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Request with Regards

I request you, after filling the Reopen School Support Registration form, read following thoughts and facts. You may find it useful.

Great, You can reopen your school now. Are you truly happy? We don’t know if it’s good news, great news, sad news or bad news for school owners, teachers, and students. As every educator, students Scool Reopen Support Registration NEP New education policy 2020 covid, "my nep registration", "my nep", "my nep registration 2020", "nep registration", "www my nep in registration", "nep 2020 registration", "माय नेप रजिस्ट्रेशन", nep registration 2020and parents are in dilemma on how to resume education effectually. How to get reopen School support in Covid19? Where to do registration for “My NEP” and NEP 2020 equitable use of technology support?

Everybody want to know; Will colleges reopen in October? Above all, School, collage or universities may open but can they open for a longer term in current covid19 situations?

You probably read our article if not, please read it now. Not enough Covid-19 vaccines till 2024. What is next for the educators, students, and parents?  

Everybody wants to resume the education and eager to return to normal life ASAP. But, is this

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Register today,
National Education Policy NEP 2020, COVID19, Digital Learning
NEP 2020 aligned equitable use of education technology
Consulting, solutions, services and support *100% Free
All educators, teachers, students and parents are invited
When you think of education, we think of you!

possible as previous? No, not at all at this moment and near future too.

Reopen School Way Forward

So, what is the way forward? How we can reopen our school, colleges, and university in a sustainable and effective way?

First and foremost, we must accept the realty and prepared for changes required. We should not lie ourself. Hope and optimism are always good but we must do our karma with patience and honesty with the purpose. Request you, don’t wait and watch, don’t be in dilemma, don’t sit idle. All governments are doing their best but don’t so dependent on government only. As a responsible business, institutions, and citizen, we have support each other.

In a simple term, we must adhere dynamic distancing while educating and learning. We must be creative and innovative to implement education continuity and dynamic distancing together.

So, how to it all? Answer is with you only, because each scenario is unique and only you know your scenario in the best way.

DDSE Education Technology Solutions, Services and Support

Don’t worry. DDSE will give you a medium, a weapon and a way forward which called ” Education Technology Solutions, Services and Support”. We are supporting you in each Scool Reopen Support Registration NEP New education policy 2020 covid "my nep registration", "my nep", "my nep registration 2020", "nep registration", "www my nep in registration", "nep 2020 registration", "माय नेप रजिस्ट्रेशन", nep registration 2020possible manner with our education technology solutions and services. These education technology solutions and services will certainly help you. You can use your creativeness and innovativeness to get your answer, to get your problem solved with your own made best-fit solutions.

As an example, we are education technology expert just like pharmacist. We will give you all tools, technology just like medicines. But you must do research, you must run a pilot program to do testing. Once you will do it all then you will get your best-fit solution.

Ultimately, you are the master just like doctors. You and only you will prepare your best fit educational solution. We strongly believe that you will do it when we have a collaboration and support with each other.


DDSE is a fast growing Edtech enterprise. We are a prime integrator for Microsoft 365 for education and Google for education. As a result, you will be leverage our vast experience in education राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा नीति पंजीकरण - My NEP Registration - nep 2020 registration technology domain. For instance, We have many ready to use reusable components which is saving is making us a cost effective solution provider.

Most importantly, it’s giving us an edge for a faster and effective implementation and support. In addition, You will get end to end managed service support. Please visit us at

From Us, Get the best online education solution for your school, college or university.

It’s a very flexible education technology solution. With it, you can extend blended online education, hybrid, flipped and virtual classroom solution in your school, college or university.

100% Free support to the Underprivileged Schools

Complete your Reopen School Support Registration today

We are enabling Underprivileged Schools and Colleges with our 100% free solution implementation and support services. Providing all possible support to stop the damage and then build back better.

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