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In the implementation of the National Policy on Education, 2020, DDSE is requesting to all educators and teachers from all over India to register and asses your school, collage and university. Please fill My NEP Registration 2020 form today. NEP has recently been approved by the Union Cabinet of  India.

Important Dates

Start Date: 20th September 2020, End Date: 02 October 2020 (11.59 PM)

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Main Aim and Benifits

From NEP Implementation Road-Map on equitable use of education technologies

  • Our aim to providing all possible support to stop COVID-19 damage and then build back better.
  • You have a chance to get our  100% Free best online education solution for your school, college or university. As we are supporting to the Underprivileged Schools.
  • We are enabling Underprivileged Schools and Colleges with our 100% free solution implementation and support services.

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Participation Guidelines for NEP Implementation Road-Map on equitable use of education technologies:

  • All Principals/Head Teachers/Teachers from Government/Government Aided/Private unaided schools may participate in this humongous exercise.
  • Suggestions can be given on various themes/subjects. In order to make it simple, DDSE has prepared theme-wise questions on important recommendations of NEP.
  • The suggestions/views/comments so received from grassroot level will help in making an effective implementation plan for NEP 2020.
  • Participants are required to register themselves on the platform by filling a simple registration form.

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We prepared a list of simple questions through which teachers have been asked to submit their inputs relating to school education. After submission of form, an assement report will prepare along with your NEP Implementation road-map. This report and road-map will be shared and discuss with you in scheduled online meeting.

Assurance about data privacy and security – We are assuring you that we will never share your data with anybody excep you. We are a responsible orginazation and fully commited for ethics, professionlism and respect.

To simplify the process for teachers, suggestions are being made on each topic of NEP 2020 related to school education through the question-answer process. All questions have been framed in such a way that teachers can relate them to their experience as teachers and classroom transactions.


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