Not enough Covid 19 vaccines till 2024. What is next for the educators, students and parents?

Latest update on covid 19 vaccine, as on 26-Sep-2019
From Adar Poonawalla, @adarpoonawalla
Quick question; will the government of India have 80,000 crores available, over the next one year? Because that’s what @MoHFW_INDIA needs, to buy and distribute the vaccine to everyone in India. This is the next concerning challenge we need to tackle. @PMOIndia
I ask this question, because we need to plan and guide, vaccine manufacturers both in India and overseas to service the needs of our country in terms of procurement and distribution.


As per Serum Institute of India’s CEO Adar Poonawalla, there will not enough Covid-19 vaccines till 2024, world needs 15 bn doses!

The CEO of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer said “It’s going to take four to five years until everyone gets the vaccine on this planet. If the Covid-19 shot is a two-dose vaccine — such as measles or rotavirus — the world will need 15 billion doses”

He said “I know the world wants to be optimistic on it. . . [but] I have not heard of anyone coming even close to that [level] right now,”

What is next for the educators, students and parents?

Education continuity with emerging technologies is the only way forward.

Every educator must initiate their educational reform strategy, planning and implementation. Whether you are owner of an elementary/primary, junior high school, intermediate college, higher education institutions and universities or private training institutions. You must have virtual classroom solutions for your educational continuity.

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Every students and parents must start to transform their learning. Future learning will like Netflix. They must search virtual schools, colleges and university who is providing best in-class virtual classroom learning.

Every disaster, pandemic is coming with some great opportunities, this is the same in covid-19 scenario when “Not enough Covid-19 vaccines till 2024”. You can Transform Your Current Educational Crisis into Opportunity. Together, we can Stop the Damage, Then Build Back Better.


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Not enough Covid-19 vaccines till 2024. What is next for the educators, students and parents?
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