Get Emerging Solutions, Ignite teaching & learning in the NEP 2020, COVID and Digital Learning era

We believe schools should have access of the emerging educational tools and technologies. This will help transform teaching and learning at scale. With us, you can get Get Emerging Solutions, Ignite teaching & learning in the NEP 2020, COVID and Digital Learning era.

At DDSE, we build educational solutions that help educators and IT administrators help students learn better together. At school, at home, or wherever they are.

With a Full Suite of Emerging Educational Tools and Technologies

The combination of Classroom to quickly create lesson plans with Forms to easily provide feedback, leaves you more time to focus on creative learning tools for your education institutes.

By allowing students to submit their work with Virtual Classroom, you can keep track of all assignment’s sections, view grades easily, and mark assignments during any free time, you have, without having to carry stacks of paper around. Virtual Classroom will make this process so easy and convenient.

For your school, college, or university, work such as research projects are simplified. You can use forms to survey an audience and track responses, calculate the data in sheets and quickly build out pie charts to visualize their findings in slides.


With DDSE Online Education Solutions and Services, save teachers time and make tech easy and affordable, while inspiring and engaging your students.

We also think a lot about how to make sure the technology we’re delivering and schools are using is

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sustainable; how they can be used year after year, and continue to add value.

DDSE will help you

  • To achieve educational goals, even with limited resources
  • Teach more students with less budget
  • Compared to traditional education, it is a very low-cost way to teach your students
  • Build your educational brand awareness
    • Build educational brand identity
    • Communicate your educational brand’s personality and voice
    • Position your educational brand as an expert
    • Strengthen your educational brand’s online presence
  • Help potential teachers and students to find you and learn about your value

DDSE is enabling the teachers how to use technology for distance learning is proving more important than ever. That’s why we synergized best-of-breed online educational solutions. It’s designed to equip educators enhanced their skills to remote learning.

You can join our pilot program to get the better ability to use technology to drive student engagement compared to others.

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