Best Educational Tools for Teaching and Learning from home

School closures affect teachers, students and parents everywhere. In these extraordinary times, technology can help make distance learning easier and more accessible. It’s new normal to use Best Educational Tools for Teaching and Learning from home.

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Teach from Home is a Google-led initiative that gives teachers and families the tools and tips they need to help keep students learning. Their free, secure tools are designed to enable collaborative teaching and learning – anywhere, at any time, on any device. So education can continue, no matter what.


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DDSE is Working with you, to implement Google for education solutions for you. We have spent thousands of hours in schools. Working alongside teachers in classrooms, we have felt the frustrations they experience every day.

  • We gather practical feedback. That’s why inviting educators to provide feedback on our programs, which we are using to make real-time improvements.
  • We implement and integrate helpful education products and services from Google. By speaking and listening to educators, we can design and implement solutions that meet immediate and real needs.

For example, Take the co-created Google Classroom

Teachers told us that:

  • They were struggling to manage assignment workflows
  • They had nowhere to centrally share and collaborate on work

So, we are implementing co-created Google Classroom, to:

  • Track student progress centrally
  • Enable easy and fast class creation, distribution of assignments, and feedback

DDSE Helping educators, IT admins and students by implementing google for education solution being:

  • Easy to use: Engage students and empower teachers with tools that are simple to deploy, manage and use
    1. Simple to deploy devices and software solutions
    2. Simple to manage thousands of devices centrally Google for Education, Google Classroom, Grow With Google, Education Technology, Blended Learning, GSuite for Education, Back To School, Distance Learning, Remote Learning, Microsoft for Education, Hybrid Learning, Microsoft Teams, Teacher, Office 365, MIE Expert, Skype Classroom, Higher Education, Flipgrid For All, Google Education Certified Innovators, Google for Education Certified Trainers, Google Certified Educators, Be Internet Awesome, Applied Digital Skills, Explore Education technology, Digital Citizenship, World Teachers Day, K12
    3. Easy to learn with intuitive UI
    4. Enable more productive workflows
    5. Easily build a more inclusive learning environment
  • Flexible and scalable
    1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    2. Tools that grow as you do
    3. Built for long-term value
    4. Provides choice and promotes an open ecosystem
  • Built for collaboration: Connect teachers and students in a more meaningful way
    1. Share ideas and create stronger connections
    2. Support diverse learning
    3. Build a foundation for future growth
    4. Learn alongside other educators
  • Secure by design: Protect your school and student data from evolving threats with built-in security
    1. Built with advanced security at the core
    2. Continuous detection and prevention
    3. More controls with policies and alerts
    4. Teach digital citizenship and online safety