Key Services

For extending blended online education

We are delivering our key features and services with a passion, ethics and commitment. We are doing implementation, integration, new feature development and delivering managed services to fulfil your all educational technology needs at a single place.

First and compulsory step (for India only)

ERNET India is the domain registrar for “EDU.IN, RES.In & AC.IN”.  These domains can be registered through ERNET’s domain registration group. Details of domain registration can be obtained from .

for India - domain bookingTake our consulting, documentations and technical support to get the domain as early as possible.

Just provide certain required documents. domain will be booked on your behalf. It’s first and compulsory step to get a very cost-effective education solution.

Let us start today. 

Be ready with essentials

Having an email account and website is essential. Whether you’re providing online education, managing your staff, teachers and students. You may just want to look that bit more professional. In any case it is a must-have!

Essential Setup for an Official Email and Website If you have a domain name, we will be use an email account and website setup with that domain name. As it’s worth setting up for quick solution deployment.

Be ready with your DNS setup, Official email ID setup, Security Certificate (SSL) setup, content writing, website designing and hosting domain.

Please contact us to start this essential setup now

Users Data Creation, Transfer & Access Rights allotment Services: DDSE will create, import teachers, staff, student and parents data. We will assign roles as and when required.

A Flexible Online Education Solution

Internal Portal Design and Content Publishing Services: You will get digital notice board, digital library, cultural section and many other dedicated, private and collaborative sections including content approval system.

Transition, Migration and Go-Live: You will go live with your new education solution. DDSE will complete all activity like FAQs upload, Go-live communication support and troubleshooting.

Beyond the wall, Extending blended online education with digital transformation services

When you have done essential transition from tradition to blended online education then you must move to the next. We are taking you forward and Extending blended online education with digital transformation services. At this point, all your resources will be 100% optimized. As a result, they will deliver their best and you will achieve the most.

Beyond the wall, Extending blended online education with digital transformation servicesIt starts with digital transformation blueprint prepration. Then after design a phase wise implementation plan.

At the first, we will do value added automation then business intelligence (BI) implementation. After that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) use case implementation.

ADM Services

DDSE is delivering new educational customized software, solutions and contextual experiences for the desktop, web, mobile, cloud at scale.

To provide the best possible solution for your educational challenges, we are technology-agnostic, delivering application by using multiple web and mobile app technologies.

We put equal stress on regular update cycle and proper maintenance, having timely release cycles into every application that we built and always insist on our clients on the importance of having one.

Educate, Innovate and Incubate with our Extended blended online education solution

Got a new innovative idea or concept?  Do youl ike a make it as marketable product or service? Where are the required IT infrastructure and lab to do the experiements?

Innovation and Incubation SupportYou will gald to know that DDSE is providing  on-demand IT lab. You can do all your experiement to innovate and incubate ideas. Get Preliminary Level Training / Counselling, Facilitation on your business plans. Register for Specialized training, Mentoring Services, Market exposure.

Innovation and incubation become a nurturing ground for the higher educational institutions. Our services will enhance the relevance of innovation and incubation. You can foster innovation in your academic institutions with a more indigenous way.

Extending blended online education infra support

How you are Extending blended online education in COVID-19? Do you have essential IT Infra to meet your educational continuity?  Are you looking for an IT Infra services?

Extending blended online education infra supportOur IT Infra services extending blended online education support. As a result, your IT Infra design, implementation, and managed services will deliver more value to your institutions.

Now you can choose the right IT infra services of your needs. We are deploying IT infra on cloud. Your virtual classroom, digital library and e-lab will always up and running securely.

Training & Workshop, to the Teachers, Staff, Students and Parents   

It is our most important service to achieve a successful digital transformation. We are providing training to each staff, teachers, students and parents so they can use new online education system in a best way.

Training and WorkshopWe are educating the educator on how to stop the damage and how to build back better education system for their students. We are also educating the students and parent on how to stop the damage and build our childs career better with new normal.

Flexible, Online, Education, Solution, Managed ServicesOur managed services will always ready whenever you will face any problem, challenges in future. We will take all your operational pain and technical complexity so you can provide a great education to your students. Our motto is to provide highest customer satisfaction with a great experience.

Adding to an Idea, Extending blended online education with BOT

If blended online education is coming with BOT then it will be a great combination. Because, you will be self-sustained in longer term. We wish you the same. We would like build, operate, trained and transfer your solution to you.

Extending blended online education with build, operate, trained and transfer BOTAt any point of time, if you need to close our contract then just inform us. Soon after, exit process will start in a very professional way. Finally, you will have a great exit experience too.

At the core, we will always ethical, professional and transparent with you. Above all, retaining our great relationship and respect forever is our moto.