Dynamic Social Distance Teaching & Learning (DSDTL)” for your school, colleges and universities

You can avail following at free of cost*.

SR. No.Your Scenarios Benefits – DDSE will deliver to you
1.     If you don’t have any online education solution yetWe will provide you complete online solution quickly. We will onboard your teachers and student on this solution within a week. We will do complete transition and transformation of your online education project/initiative.
2.     If you have any online solution and just started to use itWe will do an assessment, will recommend you best practices so you can implement your solution in a more effective way. We will also provide you customer support services for any kind of information technologies challenges.
3.     If you are using any online solution from long (2~3 Years)We will do re-usability, teachers & student’s satisfaction, cost and benefits assessment. We will provide you assessment reports highlighting comprehensive risk and opportunities. If required, we will do technical and process fine tuning so you can gain more from your existing solution.
4.     If you have problems and fears

1.    If you faced lots of problem with your past online solution

2.    If you are still facing problem with your existing solution

3.    If you will face problem but not aware about it

We will do one-to-one F2F online meeting where we will listen you sensibly. We will work on your challenges and will resolve it in all possible way. It will be a true consulting service from industry leaders/experts.


We are a vendor or product neutral group so we will never be focused on any products sale. We are only focusing on your problem and solution with less cost and highest quality.

5.Fear Factor:

1.    If you fear that COVID-19 is very short term. Putting an investment in any good online solution will be risky

2.    Or, if you have any kind of fear from people, process, technologies and financial point of view

We are already done and doing our deep studies and research on these fear factors. We invite you to discuss it further. We are signing MOU’s and we will keep all our discussion confidential.


We will try to resolve each of your fear in all possible manner like internet security, short term investment risk, legality etc.

Dynamic Social Distancing at workplace

We are working on Dynamic Social Distancing technology solution for major industrial hubs and companies so Dynamic Social Distancing at workplace can maintained. Some of the use case as following.

  1. Smart green corridor – With the help of IOT, sensors, Red, Green, Yellow lights, Intelligent cameras – We are dividing entire workplace into smart green corridors
  2. Touch-less frugal innovative tools and some desi jugads

All Possible Support to the underprivileged and migrants workers

  1. Food, health and mental support to the underprivileged and migrants workers
  2. Labor’s Data entry into government systems, IT/software support to underprivileged and migrants workers so they can get government benefits

Local employment generation to the India’s rural underprivileged and migrants workers

Working with some Gram Pradhan on a draft/pilot project to generate self-supported, self-sustained and profitable local employment for migrants workers.

This is in very early phase and miles need to go…