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Our Company

DDSE.ORG transforming education institutions as a catalyst

DDSE is a very young, energetic and passionate education technology (EdTech) company. In true sense, We are transforming education institutions as a catalyst.

Our office and development center is in Delhi/NCR, India. We are Microsoft, Google Certified Educators, Trainers and Technology Experts. We are expanding our business globally with our core strength, commitments and trust from the valuable customers.

At DDSE.ORG, we believe that every educators and students deserve to have best-fit technology solution. Being a responsible organization to the society, we are supporting underprivileged schools and college with our 100% free services. Creativity, Innovation and Simplicity makes us happy. We’re excited to help you on your educational journey!

Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our vision is to transform education institutions by acting as a catalyst. We are enabling the transforming education institutions as a catalystadoption of evidence-based, emerging, and engaging educational technology solutions.

Our mission is to give every educators and individual learner the greatest chance to explore their potentials, with the best available educational technology solutions.

We want to be a leader in the educational community by sharing our best solutions and practices. Giving back to the sociaty is our moto and prime objective.

What We Do

We are offering educational technology services, solution and programs. With our offerings, we are At DDSE.ORG, What we do - transforming education institutions as a catalystfacilitating a positive teaching and learning experience for the teachers and students. We are empowering to the educators to integrate a high-quality, efficient, effective teaching and learning environment.

Our Services, Solutions, Programs and CSR initiatives are encouraging educators, students and parents across the world. They are growing with our easy to use, flexible, scalable and secure educational solution implementation and support.

We are working with many schools, colleges and international organizations to provide IT solution for a sustainable education continuity plan (ECP).

How we do

We have a well-defined and proven solution approach to ensure a successful education technology At DDSE.ORG How we dotransformation.

At first, you will get a very focused and personalize consulting from us. As a result, you will get best fit solution proposal from us, after understanding your challenges and expectations. Mostly, you will get our consulting services free of cost. It’s payable only in case major effort and onsite travel required.

At second, we are doing implementation, integration data migration. Our all deliveries are finetuned with agile and DevOps methodologies. As a result, you will get early and phase wise releases of your working software solutions.

At the final stage, we are doing transition activities. From here, we are starting our managed services for your future changes and support. As a result, you will get round-the-clock support and continual improvements services.

Our Skills & Expertise

Primarily, we have trained and certified team members for Microsoft 365 for education, Google Cloud and G-Suit for Education. We are also implementation and integrating Apple for education, Adobe Educational Solutions and Zoom.

Web Technologies
Cloud Technologies
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Microsoft 365 for Education
Google for Education

Our Company Policies

transforming education institutions as a catalystWe are strongly determined and committed to do ethical and honest business. We have customer first policy. As a result, We are meeting or exceeding from the customer’s expectation. In the true sense, We are transforming education institutions as a catalyst.

We have full money refund policy in-case of any deviation from the commitment level.

At any point of time, if you need to close our contract, we will do it too in a very professional way. We will provide you a great exit experience in a very ethical, professional and transparent manner so we can forever retain our great relationship and respect with each other.

Respect, professionalism and multicultural diversity are in our DNA. We equally respect each nation, religion, gender, age, income, culture and belief.

Our Esteemed Customers

DDSE Customers

Many more yet to be added. We are showing only few customer list due to privacy and NDA conditions.